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Creating timeless gardens is my passion. To me gardening is like a love song between Mother Nature and the human spirit. I like to create spaces that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but spaces where families can relax and find peace and comfort from their hectic every day lives. Every client has different requirements, expectations and dreams of what they want their garden to be.
It is my aim to fulfill these dreams by creating their own unique spaces that can last a lifetime. .I specialize in formal, informal and contemporary garden designs. My specialty is to create focus, symmetry and balance in complete harmony with the house – A 3D dimensional space that links the house with the outdoors and adds value to the property.
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The gardener magazine
“Beauty is the experience that gives us a sense of joy and sense of peace simultaneously”
What we do
I offer tailor made, hands-on landscaping and gardening solutions.
• Landscape design and 3D rendering.
• All hard landscaping like construction of garden, edging, fountains, pathways, subsoil drainage, outdoor lights and any other garden structures.
• Soft landscaping that includes the preparation of the soil, irrigation and placing and planting of plants and trees.
• Regular garden maintenance and care.
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An initial evaluation and design estimate will take into account the pricing and service estimate for any given project.
Charles Wilson
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Tel: +2776 181 9528
E-mail: charles@wilsland.com

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